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Welcome to G1X Site!

It's been really long time since "G1X Captures" site launched!
Actually the idea for it come long before I even was able to do something and get it online.
While the site has not been adding new content in years the movies are still fully working to this day.
I want to thank to all G1X friends! To all movie editors! I still remember you guys!
To also thank to every single person who ever used or visit the site!
Thank you all! I had a great time! (And 'Lae' where are you?)
Today with big video sharing and live streaming services it's probably not much use of my Site... But I'm still alive and maybe I will come up with something new!:)

G1X Lives - Fantasy Whithout Limits!

Dimitar S. - G1X

G1X 10 Years